The Voice of O365!

Microsoft 365 as fully fledged PBX in the ‘cloud’!

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What is the Voice of O365?

The Voice of O365 is a unique cloud service which offers Microsoft 365 users and their organizations the ability to use Microsoft Teams as fully fledged PBX in the cloud.

The Voice of O365 adds PSTN access to Microsoft 365 so you can make and receive telephone calls with your existing Microsoft Teams license in combination with a Teams Phone (Teams Phone Standard) license (part of Microsoft 365) as you are accustomed to with your present PBX or hosted voice | telephony service. By adding the Voice of O365 license you add full call control functions, such as: place and receive calls, internal or external call transfer (blind or supervised), put the call on hold, etc.. Your present PBX (IP-PBX | hosted PBX) becomes obsolete.

License per user per month!

Teams direct routing € 4,10 | $ 4,55 | £ 3,55 | SEK 43,95 / per user / monthly commitment (excl. VAT).

Phone number & SIP trunk preservation

With the Voice of O365 you will continue to use your current phone numbers. Are you using a SIP trunk and are you satisfied with your telephony provider then we see no reason to say goodbye! Your existing SIP trunk is then registered on the Voice of O365 platform.

Hybrid deployment

Do you want to use your current PBX in combination with Microsoft Teams telephony? Our the Voice of O365 sip user registration module offers this capability.

Which device may I use?

To make or receive a call, The Voice of O365 users may use their mobile devices (Android | iOS), a headset (Jabra | Plantronics | Sennheiser) with a laptop or PC, or one of the many IP phones (including Yealink | Polycom | Audiocodes) that are designed to operate with Microsoft Teams.

What is
Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, telephony services, file storage (including collaboration on files), and application integration. The service integrates with the company’s Microsoft 365 subscription productivity suite and features extensions that can integrate with non-Microsoft products.

Advantages of The Voice of O365

Expands the capabilities of Microsoft 365
Telephony, Chat, Presence and Video in one solution
SIP trunk and Phone Number preservation
Price per User, per Month
No Contractual Obligation
Your PBX (IP-PBX | hosted PBX) becomes obsolete

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